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Over 125 years of claims management experience.

Lozano has successfully handled over 300,000 claims and consistently met or exceeded client expectations. LIA has partnered with many large and smaller insurance carrier clients for over 20 years in both Daily and Catastrophe Claim Services. Committed adjuster resources are scaled to meet the needs of our clients no matter the size of a catastrophe.

LIA Is unique in the competitive marketplace. While most insurance companies believe that bigger is better, LIA is committed to quality over quantity. This pledge of excellence allows a productive partnership between LIA and the client. Goals are established at the start of the collaboration and communication throughout the partnership allows for continuous performance improvement. Experience, performance and attention to detail leads to satisfied customers and clients.

Our Services

to providing unsurpassed service.

Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing unsurpassed, customized, cost effective claims service utilizing a team of highly qualified professionals.

Services Overview
• Third Party Administration
• Property Adjusting Services, Daily and Catastrophe
• Appraisals, Mediations and Litigation
• Sinkhole Inspection
• Liability Claims Adjusting
• Temporary Staffing Solutions

Lozano Adjuster

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